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Zyre, a new RestMS implementation
On 2008/12/25, iMatix released Zyre, a new implementation of RestMS. Zyre is a web service that proxies HTTP to AMQP, implementing the RestMS specification. Zyre includes its own fully configurable web server. Download from openamq.org.

AMQP-0-9-1 XML
This is the final editorial draft 5 of AMQP0-91.xml. Please comment on this page, or by email to all participants of the 0-9-1 SIG.

New IP policy
We're writing a new IP policy designed to be simpler and compatible with IETF and the AMQP Working Group. Get involved, if you have an opinion!

Background to DMP
From www.openamq.org, a backgrounder to DMP and the OpenAMQ implementation of it ("Direct Mode"). Explains why iMatix designed DMP, and why it makes message transfer 5-6x faster.

AMQP presentation
An introduction to AMQP made by Alexis Richardson from Rabbit Technologies.


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